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You can visit the Louisiana Believes state website for additional testing resources.

Answer Keys (for Parents)

Principal's Challenge

Students in grades 3-6 are being presented with an awesome challenge to assist them in preparing for the LEAP 2025 assessment. Every two weeks, students will receive a practice packet to be completed at home. Students must demonstrate that they are using the skills they have been taught in class, such as making annotations as they read, using UNRAAVEL, RACE, ACC, and RDW (see explanation to the right). 


With each successfully completed packet, students will receive a dress down pass. Students who successfully complete all four sessions will earn a pass to the Principal's Challenge Celebration on March 29, 2018. Students will be treated to video game trucks, fun games, a snack, and a drink.  


Parents please help your child set aside time each week to complete the packets. Please note that no work will be accepted after the due date, but packets can be turned in early.


Challenge Session 1: Jan. 30 - Feb. 9

Challenge Session 2: Feb. 9 - Feb. 23

Challenge Session 3: Feb. 26 - Mar. 9

Challenge Session 4: Mar. 12 - Mar. 23

Below are the strategies that students use in class and on their tests.  Teachers will be looking for evidence that students used these strategies when reviewing packets for completion.

RACE - Used for answering written response questions


Annotations - notes students make in the margins as they read to help with understanding the text

Annotations - notes students make in the margins as they read to help with 
understanding the text



UNRAAVEL - Used with reading passages


ACC - Used with written response questions

A - Answer the question


C - Cite evidence from the passage


C - Conclude your answer